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Dexter is a decentralized exchange on the Tezos blockchain and a web frontend that allows users to swap Tezos tokens and provide liquidity to the exchange. The frontend is open source and hosted on IPFS.

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Magma is the best Tezos wallet for iOS and Android. Safely and securely store your XTZ and FA1.2 tokens, quickly send & receive, and delegate your Tezos to a baker to earn rewards. You can also swap your XTZ for any FA1.2 token with the Dexter exchange directly integrated with Magma.

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Our vision

camlCase is building products for the Tezos blockchain that will help bring forth a more open and decentralized world of finance — a world that is more inclusive, innovative, and beneficial for people around the world.

Our team

  • Tyler Clark

    Founder & CEO

  • Jason Mortara

    Senior Product Manager

  • James Haver

    Lead Blockchain Developer

  • Malena López-Batista

    Lead Android Developer

  • Simon McLoughlin

    Lead iOS Developer

  • Michael Pastko

    Lead Designer

  • Brice Aldrich

    Blockchain & DevOps

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